Robot Manufacturers

We work closely with various robot manufacturers, we design and build complete systems that are highly accurate and flexible. Working with different manufacturers gives us a better insight on what system is best suited to which application, this helps us offer solutions without compromise.

The different type of robots we work with include:

Delta Robots

Delta robots are typically used for pick and place applications, picking a product from a conveyor for example, and placing it in a tray or on a feeding belt.
We can integrate delta robots with various other systems like flowrapping machines and cartoners, whether that is new machines supplied by us or your existing packaging machines.

Versatility is a key component when choosing a robotic line, you may have a number of variations of a product and you may want to pack them differently; for example, changing from a 4 pack to a 6 pack. This can be achieved with our integrated systems.

IPax – Pick & Place Solutions

Case study – Snack Multipacking System


Cobots are named as such because they are collaborative robots that can work with humans. Whilst they can be collaborative they can also be independent.

A common use for cobots is an automated palletising system. This can be a simple operation; picking up the same size box from a conveyor and placing it on a pallet. To a more complex operation of picking different size/weight boxes, placing them on one of a number of pre-determined pallets and stack them in different collations.

IPallet – Cobot Solutions

6-Axis Robots

6-Axis robots are robot arms with 6 points of free movement. There are also robot arms with fewer axis configurations but these are not as common, a 6-Axis robot offers more flexibility. The 6 points of the axis typically start at the base of the arm to what is essentially the wrist of the robot.

How are they different to Cobots?

6-Axis robots are industrial size, working with weights over 15kg and far beyond this, whereas a cobot is picking up weights under 15kg. Also the cobot, as mentioned above, can work alongside a person, unlike the industrial robot which is independent and is usually operating behind a cage/guarding.

6-Axis Robot Solutions

Cartesian Robots

A Cartesian robot has 3-axis of movement, but unlike the free moving cobot and 6-Axis robot, it only moves in a linear motion. It is a simplified version of the other robots.

Cartesian robots have better positioning accuracy than cobots and 6-Axis type robots, this makes them ideal for high precision and repetitive work.

Delta Robots - Pick & Place

Cobot - Palletising

Frozen Burger Pick & Place Line

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