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AIV - Autonomous Intelligent Vehicle

Autonomous Intelligent Vehicles (AIV) are designed to operate alongside people and work collaboratively with other AIV.

Using laser scanning systems they can navigate around a factory performing tasks autonomously.

Typically we supply machines designed to deliver pallets to our IPallet palletising cobot, and then distribute the fully stacked pallet to a docking station/loading bay to be processed/wrapped.


AIV can communicate with factories, increasing their ability to work independently. They can communicate with shutter doors, to open and close them, as they approach and then pass through them.

Other instances AIV can trigger events is on delivery to its destination; instructing a cobot that a new pallet has arrived and to start stacking. Or it can be to communicate with a pallet shrink wrapping machine, informing it to start wrapping the pallet.


Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) are not as flexible as AIV.

An AGV will follow a preset path, whereas an AIV will efficiently navigate its own way to the final destination. This difference is highlighted when there is an obstacle on the route the vehicles are taking, the AIV will be able to determine the space and manoeuvre around it. The AGV will not be able to do this, and will have to wait until the obstacle is moved.

The flexibility of the AIV extends to the workspace on the factory floor, as this does not need to be retrofitted to install AIV systems, because it can autonomously navigate its way round.

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