Controls Manager

Title:  Controls Manager

PLC Programming

Our Controls Manager is responsible for the overall programming of assembly lines, robotic devices, or other manufacturing processes using programmable logic controllers (PLC). This role is ideal for a detail-oriented, logical thinker who enjoys working with different machines in combination with computers. The Controls Manager position is a full-time permanent role but will experience a moderate amount of travel and activity in the workplace, such as supervising the installation of their programs and machinery.

Controls Manager Duties and Responsibilities

Our Controls Manager works on a wide variety of projects, from Packaging machines, to Flow wrappers to Conveyors at Customers sites and in our production area. We require significant experience in Controls and programming, you will have managed a team of at least 5, be prepared to work away on our client’s sites to Manage the install. An overview of the roles / tasks you will be required to complete are outlined below:


Design Schematics

As a Controls Manager you will need to have the ability to create schematics that show how electrical components and panels working together to accomplish a process. You will also examine existing drawings and double-check them for reliability and manufacturability. An example of this is a logic flow diagram (Visio or other compatible packages) you must be able to create the structure of the machines software logic so others can interpret.


Write and Document Programs

After drafting a diagram of the process, as a Controls Manager using automation software (Schneider / Rockwell / Siemens and others) Schneider and or Rockwell desirable but not essential and a programming language (such as Ladder Logic, ST, SFC, Function Block) to write the program. You will prepare documentation for the program’s intended use as well as any safety related instructions.


 Test Programs

Before installation, you will determine test criteria, then test the new program for reliability and safety with automation equipment. You are also responsible for testing programs and equipment developed by third parties.


Install Programs

When the program is ready to be fully integrated with equipment, you will be available to oversee successful installation. You will provide guidance and support to technicians during the installation process, then train them in safe and efficient operation of the program.

Provide Technical Support

Our Controls Manager will provide ongoing technical support to users within the company and outside customers, both verbally and by writing or revising operation manuals. Should any problems arise, you will troubleshoot the program and create solutions. Fine-tuning the productivity and dependability of their program is an ongoing project.


Controls Manager Skills and Qualifications

The specialized skill set of our Controls Manager lies at the intersection of electrical, mechanical, and some software engineering principles. You will have good foresight and strong analytical thinking skills that allow you to troubleshoot and avoid problems, be able to write code from scratch. As an Employer we seek candidates who have at least an HND/Degree in electrical engineering or relevant experience (min 5 years) in this field:


Engineering knowledge

An associate’s or bachelor’s degree desirable, however, our Controls Manager must have a strong understanding of the electrical, mechanical, and software engineering principles needed to create and maintain automated processes.

You will also carry out any reasonable request the Company deem appropriate for your role.

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