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Compact - Mobile - Essential

Footprint and mobility of the IPallet compact palletiser are some of the benefits that sets this system apart.

The IPallet does not require fenced guarding around the unit, a standard system can take up as little as 2500 x 1500mm of space.

The collaborative robot (cobot) comes with a user friendly HMI that does not need programming by the operator. The software will store the various box orientations, box sizes, number of layers and rows, it only requires the operator to select the set up they need. A new App allows for easy programming to create a new layout.


Whilst some processes will be very simple, for example; one sized box to be picked and placed onto one sized pallet. There will be many operations that will require picking a number of different sized boxes and placing them on different pallets.

The latter process will require the Compact Palletiser to have a vision system fitted that can identify the box for it to be picked and placed on the correct pallet. Identification of the box can come from reading a barcode among other methods of recognition.


The compact palletiser is a mobile system that can be easily moved and set up in a new area very quickly. The frame was designed to have the arms fold inwards to make it more compact for moving the unit about. The IPallet accepts standard pallet trucks.

An optional vacuum pump integrated within the cobot offers more freedom in its mobility, there is no external compressed air required.

With a lifter on the arm, it can operate at high and low heights, giving it even more flexibility.

AMP Automation Safety Features


It is critical that safety be at the forefront of the design and build, especially when you can create a system without the need for guarding/cages.

Firstly the cobot arm has force sensors that are located on all the joints. The sensors act to restrict the impact force when coming into contact with something or someone. A cushioned ‘halo’ around the gripper unit both protects the gripper head and whatever may knock into it.

Light sensors at various points on the system give further safety features, they can detect things like someone approaching the machine. In the video below it shows a small sample of the innovative safety features our programming team put on the cobot.